Ramadan is almost over – Quran Summaries in English now available

Ramadan is almost over – Quran Summaries in English now available

Ramadan has Arrived!!!

The first day of fasting was Wed May 17 2018  –  The first Taraweeh prayer was Tuesday May 16 at or around 10.15 pm. (Esha is at 10 pm)

Our Taraweeh Imams are Qari Hafiz Asim and Qari Hafiz Abdul Ahad Khan.

Please PARK legally and Sensibly 

Why do a bad deed as you are on your way to do a good deed!!!?

Click here to Download Our CURRENT 2018 Ramadan Calendar which includes 6 months prayer schedule on the flip side as a pdf.

We plan to serve Iftar nightly all month and we typically get between 200-400 guests per night.

We welcome and need your to help us by donating your time, your money to buy meat, zam zam, bottled water, fruit, vegetables, snacks, spices etc. (PLEASE CO-ORDINATE WITH OFFICE AS OUR STORAGE CAPACITY IS LIMITED)

We prefer you to donate time or cash (in the form of a check, etc. made out to ICNVT with Ramadan in the memo).  We suggest a $1500 donation towards one or more nights iftar cost or any amount towards a portion of a night’s expense).

You can do this now online for this website in the top right hand corner

This year, we also have Quran Summaries in English available online (see below)

Please visit www.SalaamNewZ.org/WP for English summaries of the Quran for Ramadan and Study purposes by different Imams and organized both by Day and by Imam. (the backup url is www.SalaamNewZ.org (joomla version)


We are also requesting you to join our “$100 per person Ramadan donation campaign”  for our Year long Center operations fund in addition to what ever you can do for helping with cost of providing Iftar nightly

Please DO what you can!!   Please donate WHILE you can!!  Please donate for those who cannot if you are able to. 

You can click here to make your donation NOW (online) at  the main page of our website www.IcnvT.com

Please DO GOOD to others WHILE you can!!


Muhammad Farooq





Sundays should be “for all the family to come to the Masjid to learn, volunteer, teach, and socialize”  Day – Join us every Sunday – We have Seminars, Talks, The “Ansaar” Help & Guidance Clinic (10-11am) Landscaping tasks, Cleaning assignments, cooking chores ((we also have free home cooked lunch (when volunteers cook) , mentoring opportunities, “GISLA” “Back to Basic for adults program (10-12pm) GreenStairs Leadership Academy (10-1pm),  SalaamNikah Mingles (12-1pm) Islamic Deeniyat School (10-2pm), Noorani Quran School (2-5pm), Boys and Girl scouts programs (pm)…  – ALL ARE WELCOME

Please Join us on Sundays – we have …Khatib Talks seminars Sundays 11.45 to 1pm with Imam & Prof (Physics) Sohail Gannouchi (Author of Islamic Renaissance is in the Individual.)

The GREEN STAIRS Leadership Program & Sunday school start Sunday Aug 27 – this program is over 20 years old
GREENSTAIRS is accepting applications from American teenagers 14-28 with demonstrated leadership potential & strong GPA for this “boot camp with candy” style Leadership academy & Islamic Sunday School; Level 1 of the program is 16 weeks long and is held on Sundays 10-2pm. Cost is $100 per week (tuition help is  available for committed families); Drop in sessions are $50 each week; GISLA has a co-ed  teaching program that is fine tuned & developed over 20 years under the guidance of a MBA, a Hafiz, a Medical Doctor, an Aalim, a Banker and more; (Please note that Parent MUST attend this program every session with child and agree to assist as volunteers as a condition of registration)  GreenStairs also enrolls eligible New and “unschooled” committed Adult Muslims who want to improve their knowledge of Islam and its rituals. Taking One Green Step  – Teaching One Green Value – One Day at a time – for over 20 years

Sample of recent feedback for “GISLA” GreenStairs Leadership ACADEMY (now in its 15th year)  ******We have tried MANY other programs. This one is the ONLY one my son is excited to get out of bed for. JZK (parent) *** I wish we had joined earlier as my daughter who is now in college could have benefited as well….Thank you (Parent) ***** GISLA is Simple, Basic yet Tough but its what really works as I feel that I  accomplished something when I passed the exam and graduated (Alumni)  My daughter now reads up on Islam and the Quran because she wants to not because I tell her to  (Parent)  I have been praying for MANY years but after I joined this class, I now feel that I know why I pray (Alumni)  I like the emphasis on making the students Understand the meaning of what they memorize as well as the need to know the WHY of why we do all the rituals that we have in Islam instead of making them simply memorize more and more material that they do not even understand the meaning of (parent)  I honestly did not like the requirement that ONE  parent HAS to be in class with with their teenager but I can say now that I am glad I attended as I now know so much more and I have also find it so easy to have  relate and have real conversations with my high school child. Thank you (Parent)  My son was so shy when he joined and would even make eye contact  with anyone but now he makes eye contact, speaks up and more …Thank you (Parent) I feel that this is the best $$$ per hour you can spend on your child (although I understand that there is very little pressure on paying fees.)  Because of this, we give more to cover the other students( Parent)  The co-ed  nature of the class as well as the current nature of topics discussed weekly is a real plus for me and my kids (Parent) Now I understand our real role in Society and how  most of us miss this (Parent) THANK YOU SO MUCH (Parent) GISLA has the best selection of Good relevant English books on Islam available to borrow (Parent)